Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turn Baby Turn

Went to the doc yesterday for my 36 week appointment and to my dismay, found out the baby has flipped breech. I was shocked seeing as how last week the baby was head down and pushing on my cervix. I am totally bummed as my doc said that it is unlikely, but possible that the baby will turn head down this late in the game, which means in the next couple weeks we will start talking c-section.

They will do a full ultrasound next week to see if the baby has flipped and if not, if the baby is small enough to try to flip from the outside. I can tell you one thing...this baby is not small! So, I am praying for this baby to miraculously flip and get head down. Is a section the end of the However, I had a great vaginal delivery with Dixie and I want to redo it. It will also be a heck of a lot harder to care for a newborn and a 1 1/2 year old after having major surgery. I am scared of a section and scared that my husband will pass out before they make the cut.

I am trying not to get emotional over it, as I just want a healthy baby, but I am keeping my fingers crossed and my prayers flowing. Hopefully next Tuesday will bring some good news.