Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daily Routine

I started a daily routine with Dixie, thanks to my friend Amber recommending the book Toddler Wise. It's great because Dixie is learning that there are certain times to do things, like watch TV or Bible or a lesson. I left lots of room for free play time, but it is helping to make our day rn smoother and helping me to get things accomplished. I felt like before our days were just kind of wasted, now we get stuff done and spend lots of quality time together while encouraging some independence and learning for Dixie.

One of our alloted times is "Lesson Time." This is short and sweet and this week we are focusing the number 1, the letter A, colors red, and green and circles. I don't know how much is getting through to Dixie, but she likes to color and stamp:) She did pull off the "Dixie Face" we made and said "circle." Yay!

We are also memorizing 1 scripture a month. Here is our February scripture. She said it the first time...guess I pushed the limits after that. But she's doing great repeating it after me. She even asks to do it when it's Bible time and when we pray at night.


Jamie Mullins said...

LOVE IT!!! Send me your daily routine please. :) I'd love to try it out with Katy Bug since she's home with mama!