Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Fun

I wanted to post a few pictures from Valentine's Day this year. Evan and I don't celebrate Valentine's as a couple really. We do have an annual dinner with 2 other couples every year and play games, but we don't do gifts or anything. I did tell him however that when we had kids, I would be celebrating with them because it is a FUN holiday! So here are some pictures from the day:

Dixie enjoyed going through all of her Valentines from a friend's party. She was super excited that she got 5 suckers and a cookie:)

Valentines morning:

I think Knox likes his outfit...he confirms with a sweet smile.

Dixie helped me make heart shaped strawberry muffins for breakfast:

I made these YUMMY cake balls to pass out to neighbors and friends (thank you Krista). These are seriously addicting and my new favorite dessert. Unfortunately they are just a little too easy to pop into your mouth and then realize you just ate 10...ooppps.
Evan bought Dixie a heart ballon...figured she would like it more than flowers (at this age)...she LOVED it.

We played with pink playdough and cut out heart shapes.

Evan made me a VERY delicious dinner...not a Valentine's Dinner, because he hates Valentines, but an I love you everyday and don't need to prove it on Valentines Day dinner (which just so happened to fall on V day). He was going to do it the night before when he got home from his trip, but I wanted him to spend time with the fam instead of cook. Needless to say, this meal was AMAZING and is going in my top 10:)

Red wine and baked brie with amaretto toasted almonds on top....I could have eaten this ENTIRE tray...I almost did.

A delicious crabmeat salad loaded with all the fixings and topped with remoulade dressing.

BBQ shrimp (you would die if you saw how much butter went into this, but it was sooooooo worth it).

We also spent some of the day in the park because it was GORGEOUS outside. It was a fabulous day and I felt SUPER blessed to be able to spend it with my 3 Valentine's.