Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's Home!!!!!

I haven't posted in a few days because Evan is home and who wants to blog when you have a handsome stud at home after 11 days of being gone:) I was so thrilled when he sent me a text saying that they finished the trail early and would be home on Sunday rather than Wednesday.
His absence was really starting to take a toll, especially on Dixie and we were ready for Daddy to be home. It's so nice having the 4 of us together again. I know that I make it sound like it has been a year or something, but seriously...it felt that way. Now things are back to normal and it feels so good.

Here are a few pics from his trip this year. He said it was his favorite year so far:

One of the shelters along the trail. They set the tent up inside of it to sleep. 3 walls

Do you see how little this tent is?? Yep..they both slept in there.

One day they ran across a working farm. This was the school house from the 1890's. I had to post this because I would love my own little school house:)

Getting drinking water from the creek...YUK! They do treat it will pills though.

The first day they ran across wild ponies. How cool is that?