Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tech Savy Dixie

Ok, so since I figured out how to upload videos from my phone, I have been a little obsessive...sorry. They are all silly randomness, but important to me.

My friend Amber (thanks girl) suggested the Fisher Price website for some cute and easy infant games for Dixie to play during her activity or lesson time. So Dixie played her first computer game today. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it since I am always telling her not to touch the computer. It did keep her attention and I think can be a great learning tool though. Hopefully she will learn when it is ok to push buttons and when it is not or else this is going to be a mess. I must say that she did practice pretty good self control and this is a good way to teach her some:)


geauxcory said...

That's exactly how we taught Landry. We let her push one button, with one finger at a time. She did really well with it and we've never had a problem. Dixie looked super cute sitting up there like a big girl :)