Monday, October 24, 2011

50 & Fabulous: Happy Birthday Ma'

My Mom turned 50 this past weekend! 50...that sounds so old (sorry if I offend you), but I don't look at my mom as being old at all. She looks young and still has a fun spunky side...not to say that most 50 year olds don't. People always think she is my friend though.

 I wanted to do something extra special for her birthday this year since 50 is a milestone. So, I decided to throw her a "Pink Party" since pink is her birthstone and what girl doesn't love PINK? I had so much fun planning it and decorating. We really enjoyed the party and it was a great way to celebrate 50 years of a very special lady. Love you Ma and happy 50th.

Here are a few highlights from the party. Most of you have probably already seen the pics on facebook.

The cake table. I loved the scrap banner. I took every piece of fabric remnants that had any pink in it and strung them up.  There was pink candy, cookies, lollipops and pink candy pretzels in addition to the cake.

The cake was made by my dear friend Stephanie. It was strawberry with cream cheese and real strawberry filling. If you are local, she does an awesome job and you can check out her facebook page: The Cake Crumb.

I bought a $5 frame from wal-mart and had my husband spray paint it pink and use chalkboard paint on the glass for the birthday sign. Unfortunately, we left it outside and it drizzled on it (hence the spots).

The pergola was hung with pink tulle, umbrellas, tissue paper balls and pink swirls.

These were my favorite decor piece. They were originally silver with red votives, from my sister's wedding. We just shot them with more pink spray paint and they turned out better than I imagined...super girly!!!

Everyone was asked to come in pink to honor the birthday girl. I found the shower curtain backdrop at Wal-mart for $10. It was great for a few people to stand in front of, but with large groups there just was not enough coverage.

Knox tries on the pink wig for fun. He's still adorable!

The kids played "Pin the crown on Nanny"

The older kids and adults did a balloon pop relay...on pink balloons of course.

Singing happy birthday to my beautiful mom.

The guys in their manly "pink" attire.

Here is a video of my favorite part of the night. I laughed so hard I almost peed myself (although that's not unusual for a pregnant lady). It is the balloon pop relay with the adults and then the kids. It was great fun. Since I am pregnant, I got to video:) I must warn you that my family doesn't listen well. It takes a minute into the video for them to figure out how to play. We are also loud! I LOVE MY FAMILY!



Angela H said...

That is soo cute! Love the theme. It looked like y'all had a blast. Happy birthday to your momma!

Kayla said...

wow you are such a great daughter! your mom is very lucky!