Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creative Movement

No, I'm not talking about the dance/drama class that you may have taken at Youth camp (which I loved by the way). Oh the days of youth camp....anyway....back to the point......I'm refering to my children. My kids don't crawl!!! They refuse. They have both hated being on thier bellies and kick and scream the entire time, if we try. Knox will stay on his belly for about  a minute, but he only goes backwards, just like a crawfish and I can only imagine how frustrating that is.

 Dixie was a scooter. I had never seen a child move like this before, but here is a short video to show you how she got around, and man she was fast. She went straight from this to walking..NEVER crawling. Check out the first few seconds to see her creative move and get a laugh.

Knox is not quite this fast yet (give him another month), and his style is a little different so far. He doesn't push off with one leg, but kind of rocks himself back and forth on his knees and legs while he is sitting until he gets somewhere. But here is what he was doing yesterday that I found very interesting.....spinning (hands free). All that I know, is that my babies have super strong legs and I give them an A for creativity and not following the crowd. I used to be distressed and worried that my kids didn't crawl or walk in the same time frame as other kids. But, they turn out fine and it's neat to see how every kid is different and unique. 



Kayla said...

It took Tater Man a while to catch on to the crawling and walking didn't get going until after 1. So no time frames here either!