Thursday, October 27, 2011

"We're going to the country, We're going to the fair!"

That's a little song that we used to sing as kids and it is only fitting for today's post. With all the planning that came along with my mom's 50th birthday, I forgot to post about Evan and I's  fair/birthday date night. I was so pumped about this for weeks. I know...I am easily entertained. But, the fair holds something special for Evan and I. Eight years ago, we went to this same fair as a "friendly" hangout, just the 2 of us right before we officially started dating.

 Let's be honest, we were crushing on each other pretty bad, but like a typical woman, I was giving the poor boy mixed signals left and right. I really liked him, but then would tell people he was like my brother. I wanted to hang out with him all the time, but then would talk about other guys to see if he would get jealous (hey, I was trying to see if the feeling was mutual). No, this wasn't junior high, but man looking back I am ashamed of my behavior and what I did to my poor husband back then. Luckily, he made it through the torture and here we are. Thanks for hanging on babe!

Anyway, on this particular night 8 years ago, we had soooo much fun at the fair. We joke about how when we rode the ferris wheel that night, he actually sat across from me instead of next to me. I guess since I said he was like a brother, he was only being a gentleman, but it's still funny to think about. We still have pictures that we took in an old school photo booth from that night and I love to look back at them and wonder what we were thinking.

So, the fair is special to us. We haven't been in about 4 years. It's too far away to take our kids and to be quite honest..way too expensive. They call it the world's biggest free fair. It is free to get in, but man if you want to do anything, you better have some dough on hand. The rides are insanely ridiculous, but the food isn't too pricey. Hence, why most of these pictures are of us eating. You may think it's silly for us to drive an hour away just to eat fair food, but honestly it's the highlight of our night, besides some alone time. Be are about to realize what gluttons we are, but I have no shame when it comes to fair food.

The weather was perfect for the fair, cool and crisp. We ate lots, listened to some country music, rode the ferris wheel, played ski ball, ate some more, walked around hand in hand like high school kids, and ate some more. We had a blast just being together without any kids to chase after. Here are some pics from the night. Here is your final warning.....lots of food to come!

We left early so that we could avoid traffic, which we did, right up until the entrance. We passed all kinds of $10 close parking just to make it to the Free parking up ahead. Turns out we wasted 45 minutes in the car and still had to pay $5 for parking. A pregnant lady craving a corn dog & stuck in the car= not a happy lady! We learned our lesson for next the $10 and park!

Started off with an onion mum and some country music as soon as we got through the gate.

About 10 feet away we spotted the BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and couldn't resist (hey we split it!)

We strolled through the Pioneer village, which contained all kinds of cabins, a schoolhouse and church from the 1800's. It was really neat and totally my husband's dream world. He was born in the wrong time era, as this stuff is right up his we are married..I don't know. Like they say, opposites attract. I would never survive. Embarrassed as I am, I will tell you that I walked through one of the cabins and asked where the sink was. To which Evan had to remind me there was no running water. Like I said, I would have never survived!

Yea, I doubt the women back then were smiling as they washed their clothes like this. I don't even smile with my washing machine and dryer.

If Evan could have a horse and buggy, he would be a happy camper. And he's hot! I'm one lucky lady.

Oh yes, I had to have cotton candy..made me sick, but it's a once a year thing. Let's just say the baby was kicking in full force. Sweet goodness alive..look at that belly!

Entering the midway...oh the excitement!

The only ride we rode..the ferris wheel. It is essential, even though it cost us $8 to ride (insane), but hey Evan did sit next to me this time.

Nothing beats the view from up top.

A little ski ball for kicks..and yes, I beat him!

Such a glorious sight!

Oh imagine that, we're hungry again...corn dogs it is!

And why not just completely make ourselves ill with one final snack-shredded pork nachos, as we sit and listen to the history of the fair and the corniest coolest fair song ever. No lie, I have to find this song on Itunes. It's going to be our fair theme song from now on. Think: Blue Bell commercials just with words about a fair. I am still singing it in my head.

Stuffed and chilly it's time to head home. We were sad, but so thankful for a fun date night out, an extra 10 pounds (ok maybe not thankful for that), and a Happy 28th birthday for my man!



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