Friday, October 7, 2011

National Faith In Action Weekend: DO SOMETHING!!

This weekend is National Faith in Action weekend. That means getting off of your bottom and well, putting your faith into action. Instead of sitting in a service and getting fed (spiritually), feed someone else. I don't necessarily mean with food, but hey that could work too. Our church has several projects going on this weekend. Evan will be taking care of lawn maintenance for an area of homes that is distraught, damaged and filled with hopeless people. While many others will be painting these homes and doing repairs to bring them new life! It's awesome to see how many people have come together to work on this project, with volunteers and LOTS of paint being donated.

The kids and I will be joining with some other ladies and kids from our church to make fall wreaths (oh yes...we like finding reasons to craft) to deliver to to a local Nursing Home. We have a list of about 25 people who don't get visitors (how sad). We are hoping to bring a little cheer to their rooms and visit with them for a while.  We would love for you to come join us if you are local, as there are many projects and something for everyone in the family. If you want to join us look up Bridge Church on facebook.

 Check out the video below on our main project this weekend. will you put your faith in action this weekend??? You could make this into a fun family project. Get creative!!!! Don't procrastinate. There are people lost, hurting, lonely and in need who may be waiting for you to knock on their door and be an answer to prayer.