Friday, December 23, 2011

1 year with a stud muffin!

My baby boy is 1!!! I cannot believe that I am actually typing those words. Now that I have children,  I truly understand how fast the time flies. Dixie hit a year fast, but for Knox (who is my second), it went that much faster. Before Knox, I had a fear of having boys. I grew up in a family of all women. I do have 2 half brothers, but I didn't live with them full time. Boys scared me: too dirty, too rambuncous, too wild, too tough. I will say thought that after I had Dixie and had my girl, I really did want to experience having a boy, and God blessed me with sweet Knox.

Even at only a year, I see distinct differences between boys and girls. Knox likes to beat on everything and is already into everything, but he is quite the snuggle bug.  I have a very unique bond with my baby boy, one that I pray will last a lifetime. I already cry thinking about the fact that one day mommy won't be his number one girl, but his wife will. I know that is a long time off, but really it is just around the corner.

Knox Armostrong, you are such a blessing to me and a joy to mommy's heart. You make me crazy, make me smile, make me love, and make me want to be a better mom. Happy 1st birthday my stud muffin. Now do me a favor and take this next year a little slower:)

Here are some pictures of my little man throughout his awesome first year:

The day we became a family of 4!

First Christmas (3 days old)

1 week old

Loves his big sister

First time in the bumbo

Handsome like his daddy. Evan loved carrying him around in the Bjorn.

First Easter

Loved listening to Daddy playing guitar and playing with the strings. He still loves this!! I think he will play guitar.

Oh the days when you fit into the baby tub:( Bath time is always a favorite.

Starting to move around on the belly. you have to wonder why I am so in love with this boy???

The mo-hawk, which he grew day it will be back. It has grown out for the most part now.

First Halloween

Preparing for his "Little Man" party.

Officially getting into everything and everywhere.

With his first tools