Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sugar, flour and LOTS of sprinkles!

One of the Christmas traditions that we started when we got married, is making and decorating homemade Christmas cookies. It is one of my favorite traditions because it is fun and there is a yummy treat at the end. The task has gotten a little harder with babies. You can't just sit and decorate like you used to because they need your attention or are spilling the entire bottle of sprinkles on the floor (thank you Dixie Jean:) It is still a great time of family bonding though. This year it was neat to watch Dixie get really into it and want to decorate the entire time. Knox wanted nothing to do with the cookies...not even eat them (is that child really mine??) He did however enjoy playing with some of the cookie cutters.

 It's always fun to see how everyone decorates their cookies. For me, I sit down thinking that I am about to create a masterpiece and by the time I am done, it looks like a 4 year old decorated my cookie....maybe that's why I taught Kindergarten. My favorite part though is eating the cookies the next day dipped in milk..who would've thought? This is one tradition that is going to stick around for a while. Next year, Knox will join in the festivities of decorating while the new baby will be in their highchair screaming their head off and playing with cookie cutters:) Hmm....I think I may ned to invest in a bigger table.

Dixie and Daddy cutting out cookies

 Even the grandparents get in on the fun.

 3 generations

 Knox wants to make the candy cane one

My Dad and his mad Christmas tree decorating skills

My little brother Dayne had more fun sneaking eating the dough than anything. But he did manage to decorate a few.

She enjoyed this cookie more than you know.

Nanny and Grandpa Ricky 



geauxcory said...

HaHa! Landry is a PRO at sprinkles. We go through lots of them in a hurry :)