Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Little Man's" 1st birthday

While my little guy doesn't officially turn 1 until the end of the month, we went ahead and celebrated his first birthday along with his cousin, Ray. They are exactly 2 weeks apart and it made for a fun celebration and half the planning and preparation on my part..bonus! Plus his birthday is 3 days before Christmas which is way too much chaos at once.

 I get sooo excited about planning my kid's parties. It was one of the many things that I really looked forward to when I had kids. Knox's was in the making for about 6 months. Once I decided on the theme and found lots of ideas on pinterest, I knew for sure this was it.

We had a "Little Man" party, which seems to be very popular in the little boy party world. It was easy to throw together; just some ties, top hats and fake mustaches and we were ready to roll. I cannot believe that my boy has been in my life for a year already. This has been the fastest year of my life..no joke! I feel like I was literally at the hospital with him yesterday and now here he is looking like a toddler and rubbing his first birthday cake in his eyes:( Here are some snapshots from the fun filled day.

The invite (ordered from Etsy)

Chocolate mustache sucker favors

I made the little food tags the night before to add some flair.

 My little stud muffin!

The photo booth with props. Wishing that we would have stood in front of a more solid background, but oh well!

My cousin Shannon and I (the hostesses)

Knox just wanted to eat the mustache.

Had to include the baby

The birthday boys

 Having fun opening presents


The organic smash cakes made by Shannon. They liked the bananas and icing, but didn't eat much of the cake.

Chocolate in the eyes = not fun!!!

All of the little cousins in our family. Needless to say, family events are always fun and chaotic.

Dance party 

My sweet little curly q in Daddy's tie.

Happy 1st birthday Knox Armstrong!!!!


amberV said...

I LOVE IT!! Great Job Ang!