Monday, January 26, 2009

18 week Ultrasound

Here are some of the latest ultrasound pics. They are not that great because I do not have access to a scanner at school. I had to take a picture of a picture. It gets more and more fun every time we go. To see the baby moving so much and opening it's mouth and rubbing it's eyes....SO PRECIOUS!!!!

This is the scary skeleton/alien picture. It is showing the lens on the eye..but look how sweet the hands are positioned under the chin. My mom claimed she could see Evan in this one....I thought that was hysterical!

You can see the spine and a foot in the top right corner.

This one is my favorite..the baby is rubbing it's eye!! SO SWEET!

I think this one looks like it has a bear or little porpoise face


Patricia said...

Oh, congratulations, you two! Had no idea until I saw the profile pic on facebook!!