Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Dream

Last night I had a baby dream. Now I have always been one to have dreams and several of them a night. But last night I had a dream that the baby was a boy with thick curly sandy blonde hair, which was adorable but he also had this thick curly blonde hair on his chest...which in my dream was not weird or gross, bu thinking about it now...YUCK. I told Evan about it and he boasted in the fact that he had produced a "man." Anyway, in my dream I felt this amazing love connection with this baby. It was more love than I had ever felt!

Switch to next dream segment: I am changing the baby's diaper (although I don't see it's who knows if it is the same baby) and what do you's a girl! I thought maybe I was getting a sneak peek as to what the baby is in my dream...but so much for that.

Next segment: I am breastfeeding and it is the most amazing connection with my baby. I never understood that when other women breastfed, but last night I was so there. I was also prodced so much milk I could have filled gallons. It was insane!

Overall, it was a great dream and it made me want my baby here in my arms right away...I just hope my baby doesn't have curly chest hair and I am producing more milk than a cow!


Jamie Mullins said...

I doubt that the baby will have chest hair but I do think you will produce GALLONS of milk. So excited that you are already bonding so much with that little bambino!

Melissa Patrick said...


You make me want to cry! What a wonderful time in life for you and Evan! I couldn't be happier about your new addition and look forward to watching you "pudge up!"