Friday, January 9, 2009

Into the Wild

So my hubby is gone fore the next 9 days:( He set off yesterday morning to make the 9 hour drive to North Carolina and then an 8 day 100 mile hike through the cold Appalachian mountains. He was so pumped about going on this trip. It made me excited for him to see how the thought of this adventure got him going. Yet, I am sad that he is gone, and yes only for 10 days, but I am not used to that and I am a little attached to him.

Mostly it's that I worry. I run every possible bad scenario through my head. Satan has been attacking me with worry and anxiety about him going on this trip, but I know the Lord will protect him and I have to constantly remind myself of that. Last I heard from him yesterday they were driving through Tennessee. The bad news is that I do not get to talk with him because there is no reception. So, for the next 8 days I will have to trust that he is safe and enjoying God's beauty out there in the wild. Please keep him in your prayers for safety and an amazing time and for me to be patient and calm until he gets home. I am looking forward to him coming back though...I will be waiting with a razor in hand to cut off that big ol beard he's been growing and his nappy hair! (Hopefuly it really will keep him warmer out there)


Jamie Mullins said...

Get out your something borrowed that I gave you for the wedding and rest in the truth of God's word. I love you sweet sister and I can't wait to catch up next month. I MISS YOU!! Maybe we can make a Panera Run while you're here since you are craving bagels!

The Shoemakes said...

Cal is out of town this week and I am having to do the same thing! It's hard, but God is so faithful!!!