Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I felt it!!!!!!!!!

About a week ago, I felt the baby for the 1st time. It was so neat!!!! I have felt it about 4 times since then. I always thought I would not recognize it since I was having constant rumbling of gas in my belly all day every day, but it was different and I just knew what it was. I get so giddy every time I feel it, which is not all that often yet, but it's like a little surprise that sneaks up on me and puts a smile on my face. This week I am definitely feeling like a moose. I am def popping out and thickening everywhere...although that could be due to my latest cravings of bagels with creme cheese and block cheese with Triscuits. I could eat them all day!!! I decided to slightly back off with the bagels..I switched to whole grain. I can't believe that today is the start of week 16...I know my counter is a few days off up top. That means in 1 week I will be 4 months with only 6 more to go. WOW!!! I am finally feeling good for the most part, although I still have not gotten that 2nd trimester boost of energy yet....I'm exhausted! I was also excited to learn on whattoexpect.com that my baby may be able to start hearing us this week, which makes Evan excited because he's been talking to it since I found out. I am now getting to the "Wow.....this pregnancy thing is cool" stage! I am amazed by God's creativity and intricate detail of the human body and how life comes into this world more and more every day as I learn how our baby is growing.