Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Word is ALIVE

On Sunday my pastor preached on The Bible (The Word). He made an excellent point in stating that so many people consider the Bible to be the most important book and Holy, yet so many of us don't open it up and read it. How is it that this book that reveals God's plan for eternity is not indulged in more often? I know that I am guilty of not taking advantage of this amazing tool that God has given us to learn from. Like Asah said, I will usually go to it to find an answer or prove a point, but I struggle to make it a part of my daily routine to drink in this goodness that God has given us. Some times I am better at it than others, but if this is the LIVING word, meaning it has relevance today and God speaks to us TODAY through it, why is it only sometimes that I find myself opening it. How sad!

I got the new Casting Crowns CD and heard a song that just reiterated what Asah had preached about on Sunday and it really struck home with me. Music always seems to get me. I wanted you to be able to hear it and think about how often you actually spend time in the WORD. Is it just something you do when you can squeeze it into your busy day? Or is it PRIORITY and what gets you through your busy day? I am challenging myself to be in the WORD daily. Now, I have taken this challenge many times, but praise God, He is full of grace, and although I have failed time and time again, His Word never does and it is still there.

Below is a link to the Casting Crowns song "The Word is Alive." I really wanted to share this song, especially if music speaks to you also. The only way that I could get it on here for free was to embed this video (which is kinda cheesy), but don't focus on the video, just the words.