Monday, September 20, 2010

How we "roll"

Had to post a picture of the double stroller we got on consignment for under $100. I was so excited to find one that looks brand new and wasn't really old. We already have the Graco car seat and it just pops right into this one (front or back). The back seat sits higher (hello stadium seating) and it has a huge basket underneath for diaper bags. It felt weird to get it knowing it would soon be filled with 2 babies. Dixie looks less than thrilled as I think this was just another reminder that soon she will no longer be an only child.


Megan Richardson said...

I love my double stroller! We bought at Chicco, and we love going for walks in it in the afternoon. I do notice that people tend to smile at me more when I'm using it in public... but they are probably really smiling at the two precious girls inside! : )
Happy Strolling!