Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TV FREE???????

Evan hates TV! He has wanted to get rid of ours for a while. He thinks all TV is dumb and a waste of time. Can I deny I still like it:) Plus, when mommy needs a little break, PBS can be a life saver (not all day just a little while). I was having nooooo part of getting rid of our TV.

I had lunch with a new friend this week and I knew they did not have a TV so I asked how they managed. She has a son Dixie's age so I was curious. After talking with her, I was inspired to try to challenge myself. I brought it up to Evan and he said he would be willing to get me a gym membership anywhere I wanted if I got rid of it. Being 6 months pregnant a gym membership will not do me much good now or for a few months after giving birth. I asked if I could have a craft budget each month know something to keep me busy. Yes, I am a dork..but I love crafts! He said ok. Yet, I kept going back and forth.

What about football season? (are we huge football, but I like having company over for games) What about movie nights? What about .......etc...etc..... My list of excuses is endless. The truth is that I know having no TV would be super beneficial. I would get more done around the house, spend more time with the Lord, play puzzles more with Dixie and my head wouldn't be filled with "crap."

So I decided this week to test myself and see how I will do without it. Today is Wednesday (Day 3). I hadn't even turned the TV on for 3 days until suddenly I cracked during Dixie's nap. I turned on HGTV. I was only watching it for about 10 minutes before I realized I didn't need it, and I turned it back off and went and read. I think I can do it, but to make the permanent decision to get rid of the TV is such a hard one!!! I hate that I am so attached to it for whatever reason, but I am.

Anyway, we are doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace and have to have the DVD player for 13 weeks anyway, so it won't happen anytime soon, but I will keep you posted on what my final decision is......can I do it???????? We shall see. I kind of like the challenge:)