Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let the Fall crafts begin.......

Here are my first 2 Fall crafts. I went ahead and painted the triangles to look like candy corn...I HATE the taste of candy corn, but they look cute and "fallish." My paint job is pretty horrific and I should do a second coat on them, but I didn't feel like it. They work for now. I think I actually want to rough them up a bit and make them look distressed with some sand paper.

I wanted a Fall centerpiece for my table, but the craft budget has not kicked in so I had to get creative. I went into my backyard and ripped this branch off of my lime tree. I bought a bag of leaves from the Dollar Tree and wrapped them around the branch. Very rustic....very cheap.....very satisfied. I already had the pail (although it is a little too big for this branch)...oh make due with what you've got.


Englehart's said...

You go did great! Way more creative than me! I don't have one thing "fall" up in our apartment, yet. I need to get on the ball.