Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cut Short Camping

So the big camping day had arrived and Evan tells me, "I don't think I am going to take Dixie camping." I ask why and he tells me that he just had this feeling that she wasn't going to do well. They would get out there, set up and when it was time to go to sleep, she would freak out, screaming her head off. He would have to drive off with a screaming 2 year old in the middle of the night and people would think he was a kidnapper.

I have to admit, I have had thoughts similar to his fear before too. Like if my children start acting up in the store and I have to storm out with them, someone is going to call the cops because it looks suspicious. While, I understood his concern, I was so excited about their camping trip and insisted that he had to take her and she would be fine. My main reasoning..I had already blogged about it. I couldn't let down the people who were waiting for an update:) No really, I was pumped for them to share the experience and I truly believed she would do great.

So, he decided to go through with it (what a good Daddy). They packed up and Dixie was so excited to ride in her Daddy's truck to go camping in the tent. I texted with them several times throughout the evening getting mini updates on how she was doing. I talked to her once and with much enthusiasm she said "I'm camping!" in her little 2 year old munchkin voice.  I was so relived to hear it was going well. They went on a bike ride, played some outdoor games, saw deer, rode down to the beach, roasted hot dogs and made Smore's. He would take her fishing with her brand new fishing pole the next day and go on a nature walk.

At about 9:00 he sent me a text saying that they were in the tent watching Tinkerbell (smart man, he brought a movie to settle her down). I thought it was funny when he said that he could hear the chants and cheers of everyone in the campsite around them watching the LSU game and here he was watching Tinkerbell's Great Adventure. Like I said, he's a great dad. He told me she was wide awake and he was about to crash any second. I assured him that she would fall asleep soon.

I enjoyed my night of peace, since Knox goes down fairly early at night. I was just hitting a deep sleep when at 10:30 my cell phone rings with Evan's ringtone. I jumped up so fast knowing that something wasn't right for him to be calling me so late. He proceeds to tell me that he is on his way home with Dixie Jean. Once the movie was over, she insisted that they go out of the tent and go "inside." I think that she assumed that they could just come into the house and see mommy and bubba at any point. Evan tried to explain to her that there was no inside and they were sleeping in the tent. Well, she LOST IT! Here it is 10:15 at night, everyone is curled up in their sleeping bags listening to the sound of crickets and a peaceful night and suddenly they are jolted by the screams and cries of my 2 year old. What can I say....EVAN WAS RIGHT!

So, at 11:30 Evan comes in the door with a little girl wanting her mommy, but doesn't want to go to bed. Evan has to head back to the campsite because he left in such a rush as not to make the other campers more frustrated than they probably already were. He had to camp there that night alone and pack up in the morning. In the mean time, Dixie did not get to bed until midnight and once her Daddy left to head back, she cried for him. It was a frustrating night for all of us! I know that Evan was bummed. He didn't even get to take her fishing.

So, it looks like we will be waiting a while before trying camping in a tent again. I was proud of Evan for attempting and they did have fun the evening that they were there. Here are a few pictures from their time and a video clip (I realize this video will not be interesting to most of you..I am putting it up for family).

 She actually did lay in the sleeping bag for a minute.

 Watching Tinkerbell

And here is the video clip:

The next day we did go back to the park as a family and had a picnic and took a bike ride.

They look thrilled huh???



Kayla said...

sounds like a perfect trip and memories daddy will not too soon forget!

Englehart's said...

Totally watched the entire video and LOVED every minute of it! Evan is such a wonderful daddy! Even though it didn't end well, she still looks like she had a blast!!!