Friday, September 2, 2011

STILL Happy Ever After

So if you read my blog (not sure how many of you have stuck around, and I can't blame you!), you have noticed that I go into Blog funks. I will be doing so well for a while, and then NOTHING! Well, here I go on my roller coaster again. I was reading a friend of mine's blog and got inspired to start blogging again, if not for anyone else's pleasure but my own. It is a neat little diary of what is going on in our lives, something I can look back on. So here is a quick update:

Knox is 8 months, has 2 teeth, is a big ole' boy and pure JOY! He is always laughing and smiling. He has also naturally grown his own mo-hawk, which I love to spike. I always said that if I had a little boy I wanted to give him a mo-hawk. Got my wish! He has grown up overnight and is slowly rocking on his knees as if he is going to take off and crawl any day. He loves to play ball and stick anything possible in his mouth. I am madly in love with this little guy.

Dixie turned 2 in July and is finally mastering pee peeing in the potty. We took a long break since April. We just started back a week ago today because she started resisting me to sit on the potty. I didn't want to push. She is doing a million times better now..finally recognizing the feeling and telling me before she has to go. Now #2 is a whole different story. We have only made it to the potty a few times for that one. Throw in the fact that she got a stomach bug this week, which made #2 even more unpleasant and sporatic and we have a ways to go! But I am super proud of my big girl! 

She has more attitude now than EVER. She crosses her arms and sticks out her pouty lip so far, she could trip on it. I wonder where she learns that from??? Evan claims she is just like her mommy, but I beg to differ (ok sometimes). She is super lovey and sweet though, and I am really enjoying her at this age. She sings all the time and loves to dance and be silly. 

We are expecting baby #3 in early Feb!!!! Kind of a surprise baby (ok I wasn't shocked seeing as how we get pregnant VERY easily). Knox and this baby will be 13 months apart, and while I am a little stressed over 3 kids under 3, I am pumped! It will be so much fun and chaos all at the same time. I am 17 weeks along now. This pregnancy so far has been relatively easy. It fell between Dixie and Knox as far as sickness, but nothing I couldn't handle. I must say that I LOVE 2nd trimester, but who doesn't?

Evan is busy busy with work and I am busy busy with the kids. We sometimes find it hard to make time for each other, but we recognize it and have been working on it. Once winter is here we will have more time!! Then we throw another kid in the mix:) Life is good and although I live most days in my jammies and a greasy ponytail, I wouldn't trade our happy ever after for anything!!! God is good and we are blessed!



geauxcory said...

Glad to see you back!