Friday, September 23, 2011

A Weekend Surprise for Dixie

Evan has been dying to take Dixie on her first Daddy/Daughter camping trip. Weather pending, they will hit up a local state park tomorrow afternoon and camp overnight. I have to say, I am a little jealous! I LOVE camping (especially in a tent). But, I am super excited for them to share this fun experience together and hear all about it when they get home. Plus, this belly does not allow for comfortable sleep in a bed much less a tent on the ground.

Side Note: I am so thankful that I married a man who LOVES being a Dad. He adores his children and makes sure to be very involved with them. Dixie has him wrapped around her little finger, and he knows it. When you ask her who's girl she is, she always says "Daddy's girl," no matter how much I try to trick her to say "Mommy's girl." The father daughter relationship is such an important one and one that can affect a girl/woman years down the road. I know that Dixie is going to grow up knowing what a husband and father should look like because of the amazing example that her Daddy is setting. He takes her on Daddy/Daughter dates, tells her she's beautiful and MAKES time for her even when he's exhausted. She's only 2, but I really look forward to seeing how their relationship grows over the years.


As preparation, Evan set out the tent in our backyard a few weekends ago so that Dixie would be familiar with it. She LOVED it, mainly just going in and out and peeking through the mesh windows. Ever since then, she has talked about going camping with Daddy. I can't wait to tell her tomorrow and help her pack her sleeping bag. I'm praying that she sleeps well, continues to use the potty (oh yes Daddy, you will have the Mac Daddy tent,  complete with a Princess Potty) and enjoys her one on one time with him.

So what's on the agenda: smore's (ok, now I'm really jealous), nature walk, the playground, a Daddy concert (complete with guitar and singing duet with Dixie), maybe a bike ride, and sleeping in a tent of course.  I am hoping he will take lots of pictures that I can share on here when they return. In the mean time, here are a couple from the backyard tent trial.

and speaking of being a great dad, I am looking forward to seeing this movie, which is coming out soon:



AmberV said...

Oh, i can't wait to hear about it!! How special :)