Monday, September 5, 2011

What's in a Name?

Here I am 17 weeks along, and I am dying to figure out what the heck we are going to name this next bundle of joy. Since Evan and I do not find out the gender of our babies (it is so darn hard, but worth it in the end), it makes me feel secure in a way to have my names already picked out. I know that probably makes no sense, but I hate being on the fence.

With Dixie, it was easy. Dixie was my favorite girl name since I was about 8. My grandmother had bought this rinky dink movie from a dollar store called "Dixie's Diner" that I would watch over and over again when I went to her house when I was little. I was a bit obsessed with it. In fact, I still have the movie and now Dixie loves watching it. Since that movie, I knew my first child would be named Dixie, I was just hoping my husband would agree. Most people turned their noses up to the idea of such an odd "southern" name, but Evan embraced it. Looking at my curly headed blue eyed little girl, there is no other name that would quite fit her.

With Knox, we kept going between Knox and Beau. We decided that the name Knox Armstrong (Evan's middle name) was our winner. We knew this little guy (not so little anymore) would be tough seeing as how he would make me cry sometimes when he kicked me in the womb. How can you not be tough with a name like KNOX ARMSTRONG? We fell in love with the name and now seeing as how big and tough my little man is, I see why his name is NOT Beau.

So, that brings us to this baby. Here is my running list that we keep going back and forth on and I just want to make a doggone decision. Evan keeps telling me "We have plenty of time." While this is true, there is something about just being prepared with what you will be calling your child for forever. Maybe it's just a mom thing, but I am READY to decide 1 boy name and 1 girl name and be done. Not to much to ask considering that I want 9 months to find out if I am having a boy or a girl.

Girls: Savannah or Lyla and I am opened to finding more
Boys: Phoenix, Memphis, or Tucker

I am open to opinions if anyone wants to offer them:)


Andrea Davis - Cloth Diaper Consultant said...

I love Beau still! Why is that no longer an option =)

And I love both girls' names.

Apple Pie Aprons said...

Andrea..Evan knocked Beau out. I really liked it too:( Oh well.

Megan Richardson said...

I love love LOVE Lyla for a girl! That is my mother's name. It just doesn't go with out "M" theme though. We are having a tough time deciding a name for Baby #3 too... Macauley and Micah were so easy, but I feel like I've ran out of the names I really like!

Oh by the way.... soooooo glad you've started blogging again!