Friday, September 30, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

No, I'm not talking about Christmas, although I LOVE Christmas! But, my favorite season by far is FALL!  I wait for it all year and at the first scent of pumpkin or a wisp of a cool breeze, I am in heaven. There is something so refreshing about it. It's like new life gets breathed into me. Maybe it's the fact that I am no longer forced to stay inside with the kids for fear that we will all melt into sugar puddles (oh yea....we're that sweet). I used to get excited that it was fair season. There is something about riding the ferris wheel snuggled up next to the one you love while there is a slight nip in the air. And, I can't deny that fair corn dogs have to be one of the unhealthiest yummiest foods. Once the kids get a little older, fair season will have to come back in full swing!

 By September 1st, I am dying to put out my fall decor, but with temps in the 90's, I force myself to at least wait until the official first day of fall despite the temps. We are still in the 80's, but the decor is up and I am in the mood. With fall comes a few musts for me: hot chai (aka fall in a cup), decorating (lots of time spent at Hobby Lobby), crafts, a spicy pumpkin scent burning in my Scentsy warmer and cooking soups and pumpkin desserts.

The other day I bought some mini pumpkins and let Dixie paint them. She had fun and got some good fine motor skill practice with the paint brush. Her pumpkins (yes, she decided that she should be the one to paint her brother's too) were looking really bright and colorful, but after 30 minutes of mixing paint, turned into a lovely shade of blah gray. She was proud of her work and even more proud when we displayed them on the porch beneath the scarecrow. Here she is working on her masterpieces

Now onto the FOOD! Since using pinterest, I think my cravings have grown even more. There are so many amazing recipes on there and when they are accompanied with a picture..oh boy! If you are not on pinterest, you need to be...GREAT inspiration! I have yet to make one from there, but it will be in the works this week. Here are a few that caught my eye (somehow they are all desserts):

Pumpkin caramel cookies

Pumpkin crunch cake

Pumpkin parfaits

Pumpkin butter (might make this for neighbors)

Pumpkin cinammon rolls

Pumpkin cream cheese

I made chicken enchilada soup this past week and chili is in order for this weekend. Next week cauliflower soup is on the menu and I must take the time to make my mother-in-law's chicken and dumplings. Soups...soups and more soups!!! Do you have any good soup recipes???

Now if only the weather would get in the fall mood too!!! Happy Fall Y'all!


Kayla said...

Um can I come live with you lol! My mouth is watering. I love her pumpkins.