Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Banging Bangs??

So after 6 months of contemplating cutting bangs, I finally went for it. I had so much anxiety over this. I have not had bangs since I was 10 and they were ugly. But then I realized that it is just hair..it will grow back and change is good and fun. I've been sporting the same hair for a while now. Now that they are cut, I love them. I feel funky fresh. So what do you think? Are my bangs banging? I've posted my before and after. I think I vote for the latter. The fun thing is that I can wear them kind of swooped to the side or straight down. I am just afraid of what my husband is going to say...he is not an advocate of haircuts.

Before: After:


Jamie Mullins said...

LOVE it!!! The first after shot is my fav!! YOu look like a rock star sister!! Can't wait to see them in person in a couple of weeks!

Gina said...

i love love love the bangs!!! i was thinking the other day that we haven't had a GNO in forever.. i think we should try to make it happen while all the teachers are out for the summer... whatcha think??