Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zephyr's Game

Today for our weekly field trip I took Daniel and our sister Jaimie to the New Orleans Zephyr's Game. None of us are really baseball fans, but the atmosphere is always fun. We had amazing seats...probably because no one watches the Zephyrs. We were in the 3rd row right behind home plate. The game was not so good...7 to 2 (we lost) but it was fun hanging out with Jaimie and Daniel. Jaimie normally has the baby, but it was nice to have her with us. We were disappointed with Danny because they asked him to go out on the field to play a game with Boudreaux the Nutria Rat to win a prize and he refused. They had picked him out of the audience..and he said "please don't make me do it." Of course Jaimie and I ragged him for it. It was a great day with my siblings...just wish Dayne could have been there with us to join in the fun.