Thursday, June 19, 2008

Read it!

So today was wonderful! I was able to get so much reading done and it felt GREAT! I finished the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge today. I strongly recommend this book. It is written for men and I think every woman should get it for her husband. Evan read it and I know it lit a fire within him. But, I decided to read it and get an inside peak into a man's soul. It was very eye-opening to me and helped me to realize things that I need to change in the way I treat and talk to my husband. I think it is also great to understand children (boys). It was an easy read and very enjoyable. It's like you are learning their secrets and inmost desires. Get it and read it....but make your husband read it also.

There is also a woman's version that his wife Stasi Eldredge wrote called Captivating which is amazing as well. I also strongly recommend all women reading that book and then passing it on to your man so that he can get a clue as to what women really want and how they long to be sought after. It's just great to be able to see the other side and how they think and what God ingrained in their hearts. I find it amazing that God made men and women so different but we fit together perfectly. It's a great idea for you each to start out with the gender specific one to you and then swap and discuss what you read. Your eyes may be opened to a whole new world. Happy Reading!