Friday, June 6, 2008

My sweet strawberry-blonde

I met you again last night
While off in Dream Land
I held you with all my might
and kissed your little hands

You're strawberry-blonde hair shone in the sun, And I remembered what you always said:
"My hair is strawberry-blonde, but I'm allergic to strawberries" as you pointed to your head
Your creamy cheeks had started to thin
As a sign that you're getting older
I can't believe I have not held you since the weather was much colder

I always like our meetings there
We talk of how much we miss
Like hanging out, being silly, and just being little brother and big sis

When I awake you are gone
And I'm alone in my bed
With memories all flooding in
And things I wished I'd said

My biggest fear is that you're starting to lose my memory
And forget the times we've shared
And you won't realize just how much for you I care.

I know that God can answer prayers
So I pray this all the time:

God let him feel my love and know
That he is on my mind

Keep him safe and hold him with arms around him tight
Thank you for the times I get to see him when I'm sleeping in the night.

YOU know the pain I'm feeling
And every tear that falls
Please bring him back to me
And break down all these walls.