Thursday, June 26, 2008


Our field trip this week was bowling. It was nice because my dad came with us. We had a great time together. The bowling alley has great deals for kids in the summer in the day hours. It was only $6 for Daniel to play 2 games and get shoes. But boy did it get busy with kids as the time went on. It was as if you had to watch your step when you went up to bowl so you didn't step on them. They would just run up out of nowhere.

My favorite line of the day was when my dad had ordered a cheeseburger from the bowling alley (now you know that bowling alley food is top of the line). He had a few bites and then it was his turn to bowl. He didn't do as good as he had claimed he was going to on this particular bowl. He came back with as serious of a look as you can have and said " That's because I can't stop thinking of this cheeseburger!" If you know my dad...he wasn't lying! But I found that hysterical and had a good ab workout as I laughed.

None of us were great at this bowling thing as you can see from the scores...yes I took pictures so I could relish in my victory of the 1st game in beating my dad. However, the 2nd game I am embarrassed to post...but I will because Daniel got much better and I was very proud of him (check out the difference from the 1st game to the second)! I can't believe we tied. Well, nothing like some good ol' family time at the bowling alley! Oh by the way...maybe some of you can help me answer this question. Who when they are building the bowling alley goes.." Oh yea, lets go with the under the sea backdrop where it repeats the pattern every 10 lanes with a giant sea turtle!" I'm just curious!

Check out that Turkey (3 strikes in a row) ..yep that would be under ANG!!!
Daniel got his 1st strike. he was very was all because I taught him my mad skills! You can kind of see it on the screen.
Our 2nd game. Yikes...not so good! Daniel and I got 85 and Dad got one broke 100! Ouch!

Dad claimed that he was the 'Special Man' when it came to pin ball.We're very scary.....