Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Fun

I had the fam over for Father's Day today.I made chicken enchiladas, mexican rice, corn and homemade M&M cookies. We all sat and had lunch together then played Singstar, catchphrase, and ImagineIf, which is amazing because my dad hates board games. But, he actually enjoyed them. I'd have to say this was a great day. We all really enjoyed each other's company and had some yummy food with lots of fun. I love it when my family gets to spend time together. Happy Father's Day Dad! Here are some pics to re-cap the day and a video of Daniel and Dad's singing debut on Singstar!

She looks cute in that apron!

Dad liked his clothes!

Jaimie and Cullen rock it out on Singstar

Dad and his "chirens" ---we miss you Dayne

Group shot: Audrey was not into it!
She made up for it here.


mcgintys said...

Oopps...I posted the video 2 times and I can't figure out how to fix it...sorry!

The Hudgins said...

hey angie...need enchilada recipe please!!!!

looks good and now i've got a craving :)

Jamie Mullins said...

Love the video of the boys rockin out!! Chicken enchiladas...I'm going to have to call mama and have her make some for me!!