Friday, November 21, 2008 come my bridesmaids!!!

So last night as Evan and I are watching The Grinch (yes...we like Christmas a lot) and I get a phone call from an area code I do not recognize. I assume it is a telemarketer, but am surprised to hear the ding go off for a voice mail. So, I check it and it is a Producer from The Style Network asking me to call back ASAP regarding my wedding video that I submitted on the Knot way back when.

I had gotten an e-mail a few months ago from someone from the Style network about using the video for Styles: Most Outrageous Weddings Tv Show, but blew it off. So I called the lady back and she explained that they had been trying to get in touch with me because they really wanted to use some of my footage for the show.

Now, I did have a pretty "different" wedding than most. The part that had caught their attention was My bridesmaids dancing up the aisle to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." was fun! So after stopping by office depot to buy a connection cord and sitting at Pj's for Internet to try to upload the video in better quality, we finally got it sent off.

I was so excited that My wedding was going to be featured on TV....granted it was for something crazy, but nonetheless it's on TV. I was sad that Evan and I don't get to be in it, because they just want the bridesmaids dancing...but that's cool. I realized I was ok with it, when they told me they would pay me to use it. That's right...I'm getting paid for my crazy idea!

We had to sign over the rights to it, so I am scared that they are going to turn it into a pop up video with things like "White Trash Wedding" or "I can't dance" over my bridesmaids heads. But, it will make for a good laugh either way. Our wedding was perfect for us and I would make those girls dance up the aisle all over again because "Girls do Just wanna Have Fun."

If you're interested in seeing it or you know any of my bridesmaids, or you sat in the inside aisle at my wedding (you might be in it), tune in on the Style Network December 13th at 9 pm (eastern..I think). I will be watching with excitment as my girls shake it down the aisle and I hold a sweet little check in my hands. So, THANKS girls for going with my idea and being good sports about dancing, and I hope you enjoy your moment of fame!!!!


Evan said...

So I guess nothing exciting has happened in our lives since Nov. 21st.