Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My new friend...Mr. ZOFRAN!

Today is the first day in 2 weeks that I actually feel normal!!! I have had all day everyday nausea and vomiting with this baby. It has been very hard to function and be in a joyful mood as I always thought I would be when I was pregnant. The toilet and trashcan and I have been chums the past 2 weeks although I would like to end that friendship real soon. I tried to just take it like a woman and deal with it, thinking to myself "Every woman goes through this." But I was missing work and just not being the kind of person I would want to be around. God bless Evan!!! He has been the most amazing husband! He is so loving and caring and has taken over cooking and really been there for me and has not made me feel bad for being a slacker lately.

Finally, I could take it NO MORE. I did not want to resort to medicine because it makes me nervous, but I also knew I was not keeping anything down and getting dehydrated which is neither good for me nor baby olive....that's right my baby has moved from raspberry size to green olive size. The doctor gave me a prescription of Zofran. So far it is a miracle drug!!! I have not gotten sick yet today. At about 6:45 am I started to feel it coming on, but I think my body is so used to running to the bathroom at that time and my mind was tricking me out. I suppressed it and I actually came to work with a smile on my face...something I have not had in a while.

I hope this works for the rest of the sickness phase. It is pretty pricey. It comes to about $6 a day for a pill, but at this point, we are willing to sacrifice the money so I can feel better. I hope this stuff keeps on working. Thank God for modern medicine....most of the time!


Cat said...

Your story is all to familiar to me. I went through the exact same thing, throwing up and extreme nausea, execpt for me it lasted for the first 5 months. Zofran didn't work for me. Good luck and best wishes to you.