Thursday, November 6, 2008

"It Doesn't Get Better Than This"

SOOOOO, geez I have not posted in a while!!! Too busy and too sick. Everyone who reads this already knows I am PREGNANT!!!! Wow, I love saying that, it sounds so cool. I always knew I would be a mom one day, but to actually think that it is here is so cool.

When I read the test, I just dropped to the floor and cried...more like sobbed. I immediately began just thanking God and committing this child to HIM. I took another test later that day as I couldn't believe my eyes. I think as a woman you have this fear ingrained in you that you cannot conceive children. So, I bought the other test and sobbed all over again.

I had tested on October 20th (the day before Evan's birthday) with the hopes of being able to have a great surprise for him. Turns out it worked! It was soooo hard to wait a whole day and night to tell him the news, but how much of a cooler birthday gift can you give? I couldn't sleep that night...obviously! I wanted to tell him in a cool way..I have thought for years how I would reveal it to him when the time came. Well, here is how I did it:

About a year ago Evan said that he heard there was a Relevant book called: Becoming A Dad, that he wanted to read when we got pregnant. I stored that in my mental Rolodex. SO, I bought the book and wrapped it up. One of my favorite songs right now is a Brad Paisley song (yes, I love me some country) called "It Doesn't Get Better Than This" Listen to the words and you will see why I picked it to play.

So it's 4:45 in the morning, Evan is already up and I am tiptoeing around our bedroom. I have hidden the video camera so I can record his reaction. I start playing the song and sit on the bed in perfect position and holler "Love." He walks in the room like "What the heck are you doing awake this early?" I told him I had a little gift for him and to come sit down. I handed him the wrapped book which had a note card on it that said "Happy Birthday to the man who always makes me think, "It Doesn't Get Better Than This"...yes, I am cheesy! SO, he unwraps it and only sees the title of the book, not the other note card I have stuck to the book.

He gets a smile and high fives me and says "Thanks babe, I have wanted this book." Obviously he doesn't get it..."Umm...could you read the card on the top please" I say with an agitated and stunned sound. So, he realizes now there is a card and reads " Are you ready for our lives to get better than this? Because in 8 months you're going to be a Daddy!" With that he tosses the book to the side and tackles me with excitement. It was great!!!!!

It didn't sink in until I went to the doctor and I got to see the little hart beating...CRAZY!! We are sooo excited! I have been pretty nauseous everyday up and down and I am counting down 1st trimester. I am 7 weeks this week and my baby is the size of a blueberry!

Evan is already talking to the baby everyday. I say "It doesn't have ears yet" But he likes to talk to it, and tell it to be good for momma and stop making me sick. He's so sweet and is going to be a GREAT daddy!

Here is to an exciting journey!!!!!!!!!


The Hudgins said...

sooooooooooooooooo excited for ya'll. crossroads baby boom 09'!