Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My first Baby Purchase!!

I always thought that when I found out I was pregnant I would be susceptible to spending too much money picking up cute baby things here and there from the time the test read positive until the birth. However, I have not bought a single baby thing...at least until now. Hey 4 1/2 months without buying even a bib...pretty good.

I went to register at Babies R Us over the weekend and spotted one of those outfits that just shouted out "You must buy me." Now my husband has trained me quite well to be very careful with our finances (praise God for him), so I rarely buy things on a whim..but I just had to. There was a Saint Patrick's Day display with baby clothes and my 1st buy was beckoning me over. With the last name of McGinty it is obvious our baby is part Irish. Well I spotted this onsie and bib and thought it was meant for our child:

I figured a boy or girl could wear it and it does not have to be only for St. Patrick's Day because they will be Irish all year round. Plus it is like McGinty just McCutie. Now do you see why I had to buy it? Besides my Maw Maw bought the onsie..and I bought the bib, so it wasn't a lot.

Then we spotted the sale rack. It was divided into girls and boys...no good for me since we have no idea nor will we what this bambino is. But I decided to browse just for fun and ran across the overalls and shirt below. Then my mom found the matching bib. Granted, it is for a boy since it reads "Little Cowboy" but if Evan has a boy, he had to have this outfit. I couldn't pass up those adorable blue jean overalls. Since they were on sale, my mom was convinced she had to get them...just in case.

With that said, I have been feeling for the past week that we are having a boy...but who knows. People always say they just know, but really, you have a 50/50 shot at getting it right. I think things just start to influence your mind here and there. Maybe these boy clothes did it for me. When I run across a cute girl outfit that I can't live without...I might think it's a girl. Either way this baby will be loved and will hopefully be a McCutie!!!!!


Jamie Mullins said...

Love the McCutie shirt!! Can't wait to see you guys next month...I want to see your belly so I can try to figure out what you are having!!