Friday, March 20, 2009

leg cramps and bloody noses

Reading all those pregnancy books, you get to hear about all the good and the bad that come along with pregnancy. I obviously had it bad at the beginning, but since week 15 have been doing just fine and actually enjoying being pregnant. I thought I had escaped some of the common problems women have. Well this week 2 new ones snuck up on me. Terrible leg cramps (especially at night) and a bloody nose. The nose I can deal with. The leg cramps are killing me. I have had leg cramps before in the past and it would usually occur in the middle of the night when I would stretch and suddenly it felt like my calf muscle was tearing and ripping into shreds. I wake up in tears and not being able to move. Well, those are occurring quite freuently now along with feeling the after effects from s shredded muscle all day. Now I know my muscle is not actually torn...although I promise you it feels like it. And yes I am a wuss by nature, but geez this is PAIN! Iam sure the leg cramps are due to standing all day teaching Kindergartners. I also heard I need to drink more water (I am bad at that) and eat bananas for potassium. So there are my latest ailes.

Other than that, the pregnancy is going well. I am waiting on results from my glucose test (I pray I passed). I am now 26 weeks and look 8 months. I have accumulated 7 stretch marks on my tummy alone (Oh joy!) I am still having baby dreams and am longing to hold my baby in my arms. Only 14 weeks to go!


Jamie Mullins said...

I can't believe you are getting so close to the end! Sorry about the leg cramps...I bet the bananas will help!

Jennifer Casey said...

Once this summer comes and you are not working and able to sit and put your feet up I am sure the leg cramps will go away...How many more days again???!!!