Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Busy Week

This week has me completely overwhelmed! I have my brothers 2 nights this week (Which means I don't get home until 9:40 from dropping them off), 4 aprons to make, Bible Study and my final observation by my principal. I am so tired!!! Today I snuck out of chapel and went and took a cat nap under my castle in my classroom. I was all nice and relaxed and then I heard my door open. A parent had walked in to get their child's book bag to check them out. I had to pop out of the castle and admit how tired this baby is making me...so professional right???Oh well..I couldn't hold my eyes open.

I am excited that this week will end perfectly. As a teacher at a private school, you get some really nice gifts. One of those was the offer to use one of my student's family's condos in Orange Beach. So Friday, Evan and my mom and I are heading up to the beach. It is also my 27th birthday...I feel old. I remember when I was little thinking my Golden Birthday would never come because it would be when I was REALLY OLD. This weekend will be some much needed R&R after this week. I just hope the sun comes out for us and I can bask in it....although not too long. The thought of being in my maternity swimsuit has me a little freaked out.


The Hudgins said...

do you need to borrow a couple swimsuits? i have some from last summer!