Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm a WHO!!!

Here it is Dr. Seuss day and I decided the easiest thing to be was a "Who" again. So here are Momma Who and Baby Who. Geez that kid is looking huge! How do you like my hair? It is about a foot tall.I could not fit in the car on my way to work and I got a lot of crazy looks. But it's worth it. The kids are having so much fun. I wish I could post a picture of all of them. It is going to be a long day as they are already starting to go crazy and it is only 10 am!!! Pray for me please!!!


Jamie Mullins said...

You look adorable...starting to look like you are moving out to the front...hope you had fun and didn't pull out your hair. Probably would've been hard since it was teased up to Jesus! :)