Wednesday, March 4, 2009

6 month BELLY!!!

Whoaaaaa Nelly!!!! Here is the 6th month belly pic. There is no denying that I am spreading. The leggings don't help hide anything! I wanted that cute little bump that just goes straight out. I guess only skinny people get those...oh well. My body is protecting this baby with lots of padding :)

Last time I went to the doctor, I had gained 8 pounds in a month. The doctor said that was ok because it was the first time I had gained in the pregnancy. ( I know what you're thinking...that's only 8 pounds.....yep) He just told me I better not come in every month with that much of a weight gain......Yikes! I really like ice-cream these days. My next appointment is on March 17th..we'll see if I get fussed.