Wednesday, March 11, 2009


One of the great advantages to teaching at a Christian school is being able to start my day with a devotional. I love gathering with my colleagues and hearing God's word and praying together before we set foot in our classrooms. It helps to get my focus right. This morning we had a very short "nugget" that was shared with us. It is something that anyone who reads the Bible can use and since I am a K teacher and it was simple with a visual I really liked it!

It's called SOAP. It is a method to use when studying scripture and here is how you do it:

S-Say it and keep saying it. Memorize it and hide it in your heart.
O-Observe it (See how it is used, when and why in the Bible it was used and how you have seen it in your life or in others lives.
A-Apply it. How can you put this scripture into work in your life. How can this scripture be used to transform your thinking to a more God centered way.
P-Pray. Pray for God to use His word in your life. Pray for the process of application. Pray for Him to continue to reveal things to you through this scripture.

As a visual, we each got a yummy bar of soap from Pier 1. I thought it was something practical and easy to remember.