Monday, September 29, 2008

Adorable Audrey

Audrey came over last night and she is soooooooo cute and sweet and getting so big. She has 2 teeth now and is pulling herself up to stand. Time has flown! I feel like I was watching her being born yesterday.

I love chunky baby thighs......mine still look like that...but somehow they lose their appeal once you are out of childhood.
Wondering how Aunt Gee Gee makes that fishy face

Stealing Uncle Evan's Dallas Cowboys hat while he is dozing off

Loving on her Uncle Evan
The sweetest girl in the world!!!! I love this picture...however it is right before I accidentally dropped the camera on her ...Yikes..I felt awful and she cried and I felt worse...sorry Bunny!
Cajun girl already...biting crawfish tails.