Monday, September 29, 2008

Moving Madness!

Well, we moved over the weekend. Weekend...what weekend? I am so tired eyes are burning and I need caffeine like never before! It was non stop...all weekend..moving, cleaning, unpacking and having family over for dinner...yes I am crazy! Finally everything is in our new place, and it is bye bye to the old apartment.

As I drove by it this morning on my way to work I waved with a sad face :( But, I really like our new place. It is now a 12 minute drive to work instead of a 1 minute drive....but now I can listen to my worship music:)

We still have lots of boxes everywhere and it seems like as soon as I get one unpacked, another one appears to take it's place and my sense of accomplishment. Evan tells me to chill doesn't all have to be done right away. I know it doesn't but that's the home decorator in me coming out. Of course I want my decor up so it feels like home. I actually got a good bit unpacked and the living room and kitchen are coming together more than anything. Here is a pic of the living room thus far..still some boxes.

And of course my favorite...the window seat.

So moving into the new place was exciting.... but I had a big highlight of my weekend!!! When I arrived at the new place to clean on Saturday morning, I found this box on the bookcase in the bedroom with the sweetest letter than made me cry and a $75 gift card.....................

I HAVE MY OWN SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wonderful husband surprised me by leaving it there for me to find along with the gift card to buy supplies. If only I could read you the note he left....I was bawling like a baby while having the biggest smile on my face. I have the most amazing husband in the whole world...he is so good to me.

So, overall it was a good weekend...just a short one. I am sad that I don't have Internet at my new place or cable (I can deal with that). So, I won't be posting to the BLOG as frequently :( I will try to post here and there on my snippets of breaks at school.

Once the new place gets all together, I will repost pics....until then.....I need a NAP!


Spoiled Sweet said...

do you like this sewing machine??? I am looking for a backup one. Stumbled upon your blog when I was looking to see who visited mine. There was a link to Baton Rouge blogs so I clicked on it! Hope your baby ills go away soon but oh soo worth it! Mine are almost 5 and almost 3. They grow up too tooo fast so enjoy every minute of it!