Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Putting off Packing

I took a look at my calendar and realized...holy cow..we are moving not this weekend, but next. We have not packed a single thing nor found a storage unit. I am wondering when it will actually happen. It seems like every night of the week is filled with something to do, and yet I keep adding to it. I think I am addicted to being busy. You would have thought that after doing the Martha and Mary bible study I would have learned to slow down and get more balance in my life. I am always afraid of missing out on something. Knowing that I have to pack this weekend, I have already planned a football game, a fishing trip, and a night out with friends. Now tell me, how I am going to get anything done? I just hope it all comes together and I stop stressing out and adding to my stress. Evan is always telling me that there is nothing that should stress me out because stress is not from God. I know that..but man it is hard! Tonight the packing begins....I hope we are actually diligent in it and I feel somewhat accomplished.