Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The New Digs

Here it is 9:30 and Evan is in bed and I am blogging. Guess how much packing we got done?? NONE! The time passes to fast and we had to go visit our quaint little 1 bedroom tonight to see if we wanted any of the furniture to stay in there when we move in and make a Wal-Mart trip. So....another day down and nothing accomplished. I think we will skip the football game Friday. Anyway, I took some snapshots of the new place so you can get an idea of what it looks like. I will re-post once we have it decorated.

The view when you walk in the door aka the garage. Right now there is a kitchen table to the right which blocks the small door to the stacked washer and dryer...I cannot have that small space filled, so we will be having our table in the living room. To the left is the window seat, past the table is the entrance to the living room and straight ahead is the wood panel kitchen (my least fav part of the place).

Can't wait to sit here and read I am thinking a good quiet time spot...and check out the 2 built in shelves!! Sweet!

The view of the living room from the foyer and our room. Once again awesome book shelves and wood floors. How we will fit everything..I have no clue!

The foyer between our room and the living room. Cool pics but we want them down...just not ours!
Looking into our bedroom from the foyer. It's a big room! ALl of this furniture is not ours and will be out when we move in.

Our room from the opposite view. More shelves and cabinets. LOVE IT!

This cool Singer old school sewing machine was left in our room on the shelf. I love it for decor purposes!

The 1 closet we will share. Luckily it is walk in with lots of shelves and 4 hanging racks. It looks the exact same on the opposite side
The bathroom, which is in our room. Has lots of cabinet space and a laundry closet...1 down bath tub. It is a shower only :( No hot baths to relax anymore. There is a seat in maybe I can just sit in it and pretend I am taking a bath.

This will be Evan's corner for reading and playing guitar in our bedroom. That door actually goes to the kitchen...but we figured we just won't be lazy and we will walk around to get there so he can have a little area.

Well, that's it...can't wait to add my style to it. It will be a few weeks before we get see how long it has taken us to get packing!