Monday, September 15, 2008

Something Blue

Sunday was my sister Jaimie's bridal shower. I was so excited because I love party planning and I remember what an exciting time it was for me when I had mine. I was hoping she was as excited. It was a lot of work and a group effort. I feel like the weekend flew by! Here are some pictures from the shower. It turned out really nice and she loved it!

I was so excited about making these paper balls by Martha Stewart. They looked awesome but after making 3 of them..I was over it. I made 7!

These were the favors. Inside the boxes were little diamond paper weights. We had diamonds and crystal decor everywhere along with the blue.

We always over plan and we had way too much food. We all went home with enough for a few days...but the food was AWESOME!!!

Audrey matched the theme!

This little girl is on Cullen's side of the family and we think Audrey is going to look like her at this age. Can you see the resemblance?

Jaimie and Jessye
Of course i made her an apron. It is embroidered with Mrs. Kemp but the picture does not show it very well. The bottom ruffle got cut off also. I will take a better picture and post it soon.

She is so pretty. This dress looked gorgeous on her. I helped her pick it out! We had a fun day shopping for it!

Feeling like a bride: compliments of Bed Bath and Beyond tulleJaimie and Momma. They look so much alike!