Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bike Ride Bust

Woke up this morning (not to an alarm..Awesome) and snuggled up to my oh so handsome husband! I love Saturday mornings! I was especially excited this morning, because we had decided to go bike riding on the lake front. The weather in the morning has resembled Fall and a bike ride with my honey sounded enticing. After some cuddle time, and breakfast, we grabbed our bikes, pumped up the tires, and headed to the beautiful lakefront. I couldn't wait to feel the breeze through my pigtails and "Bring" my little American Flag bell as Evan and I shared some fun time.

We get to the lakefront, get my bike out (I love my bike and can't wait to take off). Evan takes his bike out and I hear "Oh Man!" With an "I don't like the sound of that" look on my face I ask what is wrong. His front tire has a flat! The tire must be busted and although it held air when he pumped it decided to let it go after we drove all the way to the lakefront. My sweet husband said that I could go ride for a little while if I wanted and he would wait. This was not what I pictured for our Saturday morning ride. I declined and with forlorn faces we loaded the bikes back up and headed home.

We were both pretty bummed, especially since Evan had to go do yards today. He had put them off so we could bike ride 1st thing this morning. On top of that my Awesome American Flag bell that made the coolest "Brrrrriiiiiingggg" noise is broken :(

I got over it fast...although it was a's still Saturday, it's still beautiful outside, and God is still Wonderful! Now I am back in the apartment...and guess what I am about to do....PACK!!!! Can you believe it? We actually got most of the office packed last night. Anyway, I have to document everything through here we are at the lakefront right after we discovered the tire.

Notice the front tire is FLAT!!

Totally Bummed out!